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JET Petrol. For petrol engines, you can choose between our standard unleaded 95 octane or our super unleaded 97 octane grades. Both are cleverly formulated to produce optimum reliable performance no matter which car you own and are blended with a dependable additive package designed to assist with your everyday driving needs. Page 1 of 2 - JET SUPER UNLEADED FUEL - WHAT OCTANE RATING? - posted in General Topic Discussion: I have in the past been an advocate of the theory that one cannot really tell a difference between the "super fuels" and the normal octane rated fuels. Having toured many miles around England & Scotland this year, using a combination of V-Power. JET ULTRA Premium Unleaded is the premium fuel that helps to get more out of your engine – designed to protect, perform and prolong. 1. Protect JET ULTRA Premium Unleaded contains more of our powerful anti-corrosion additive to help protect vital parts – it’s even more defence for your engine. 1. 03/05/2011 · It is BP ultimate, and only 98 ron, where i live, its also 5p a litre dearer than v power so no way do i go there There are a few garages have 95 basic unleaded and super unleaded 97 ron, but again round my way most 97 ron is dearer than v power so i.

02/09/2010 · Generally, you'll only see a benefit if your car has been specifically re-mapped to run on super-unleaded. If it hasn't, then ordinary good quality regular will do just fine. Jet sells standard fuel, as well as a range of premium fuels with there Super Unleaded coming in at a 97 RON and their premium diesel, called Sentinel, which they claim helps to manage corrosion in the engine as well as cleaning it. One thing Jet is very proud of is the.

12/08/2016 · Unleaded and Super Unleaded Fuel Explained If you've been to a petrol station recently you'll have likely seen pumps labelled 'unleaded' and 'super unleaded'. How do they differ? Is one better than the other? This guide explains how they're different. The filling station brand, Jet, has launched a new dual range of ultra-premium fuels. Their latest products, Jet Ultra Premium Unleaded and Jet Ultra Premium Diesel, are available at filling stations that offered their former premium fuels. Super unleaded has a higher octane rating than standard unleaded - but, to take advantage of the higher octane rating, you need a car that is capable of adjusting its ECU to run on it accordingly. In truth, its only usually higher performance cars that will give you any benefit from it, as some cars simply cannot detect the higher octane.

07/10/2019 · The higher octane rating of super or premium unleaded fuel should make it work more efficiently, thus delivering more power for less fuel burned. But while some drivers report noticing a small increase in the numbers of miles they can do before refilling the tank when using premium fuel, others find that there is very little or no difference. [Archive] Super unleaded - higher octane fuel - I don't understand! Jet Blast. PPRuNe Forums > PPRuNe Social > Jet Blast > Super unleaded - higher octane fuel - I. The use of super unleaded depends on whether the car is designed to run on that RON of fuel.

Sulphur Free Super Unleaded Petrol to BS 7800 / BS EN 228 Jet's Humber Refinery also produces some of the highest quality super unleaded petrol available, again meeting all relevant British Standards and applicable European legislation and with a sulphur. 19/09/2019 · The main difference between regular unleaded petrol and premium-branded unleaded is that the latter will have an increased octane rating, also known as research octane number RON. Premium or super unleaded petrol also contain additives designed to keep your engine clean, so your car will perform better for longer.If your car. 07/03/2008 · Jet Blast - Super unleaded - higher octane fuel - I don't understand! - Ok someone please help! I drive a ten year old 1.6 engine size car and do long.

01/06/2015 · The engine builder says that if you can't get super then Millers VSPe POWER PLUS is good at about 60 quid for 10 bottles and a bottle a tank. As the title says where can you get super unleaded in the Lisburn area? I'm in Ballynahinch and I'm sure none of the 4 petrol stations do it. The transition from leaded avgas to an unleaded future has been decades in the making, and countless articles have discussed everything from the certification process to the chemistry. And yet many pilots don’t know how bad things are right now, as other topics ADS-B, drones get most of the attention. Premium Unleaded 95 RON Despite the ‘Premium’ label, Premium Unleaded is actually the most commonly-used petrol across the UK and Europe, and is suitable for almost all petrol engines. Super Unleaded 97 / 98 RON Super Unleaded has the higher-octane rating 97/98 RON that is widely available here in the UK. 28/03/2012 · You've just partly answered your own question. The only reason you buy BP is because you get nectar points not becausae it's any good. Tesco have been doing 99RON now for a long time and were always the first supermarket brand to have the best super unleaded.

Premium unleaded fuel pumps are usually green. Check the label before you fill. Super Unleaded 97/98 RON Super unleaded is the highest octane petrol that is widely available in the UK. A higher octane rating means that the fuel will require greater compression more pressure to ignite. 14/07/2009 · What is the benefit of Super Unleaded?. My wife has a ten year old Honda Shuttle 2.3 VTEC. She always puts in the cheapest petrol and was quite cross when I treated the motor to Super Unleaded fuel. But isn't better fuel supposed to help old engines? Can anyone explain the technical difference that justifies the price difference in the petrol?

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